News & Updates

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Bruce Welch
Today we are pleased  to Announce that Ascension Roleplay has gotten a upgrade of Server. You may now Experience better ping in (EU) And possibly better over in US. Our devolopers will be working on getting everything back after some complicated issues with the server. There might a new ip and new sync, theese things will be posted further down the line. For now we will work on making the Experience good for our players! Thank you for your Patience!

Kind Regards: Community Manager, Bruce Welch 

Server Updates

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Bruce Welch
There has been a delay of our Official Release of the Server, we are still focusing making the experience as best as possible for our players to enjoy! Server is in early stages and we are not sure about when it will be up and running with no problems.
However, if you have any questions please go over to our ts:
I also advise of syncing your mods from time to time if you are not connected on ts, most of Repo Updates will be posted on TS. 

Thanks for your Patience! 
AscensionRP Senior Managment


Arma 3 Sync is up!

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The arma 3 sync is up with the mods which will be on the server, however, there will be mod updates along the line with new weapons and vehicles and etc.
The arma 3 sync URL can be found here:
The server should be up and work hopefully by tomorrow, so thanks for waiting on us.